About this Site

This is not an Armstrong to Zorn or a Harry Barris to Barry Harris guide.
First and foremost this site is about where jazz musicians can be seen on film as well as heard

I aim to be comprehensive in my listings of documentaries, shorts and TV programmes.
The feature films are more selective. I have not included films where a jazz musician just happens to be on the sound track regardless of the music. Site hitters should search out David Meeker's book ‘jazz in the movies' for the comprehensive guide or click links and news pages for discography and related sites.
However, films that feature musicians playing jazz or ghosting for actors and are about the jazz life are included.
I always welcome additions and corrections to any film mentioned and the site is updated on a regular basis.
There is some duplication of films between pages. ( i.e. some films on the shorts pages may be found on the A to Z documentary pages etc.)

At present jazzonfilm.com is an information and educational site only, however the news and info pages may point out where some of the material may be available to view and buy. Also youtube.com has become an invaluable source of material.

I have now started to include selected youtube cilps on the various pages of this site.

You can email joe@jazzonfilm,com

Last site update; April 2018
jazzonfilm.com now incorporates jazzinthemovies.com. It has been on line for nearly sixteen years

jazzonfilm.com bibliography

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Has excellent chapters on Thelonious Monk and Robert Altman's " Kansas City"

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One of the very best books on the subject

Jazz on Film;
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A very good guide to what is available
The Soundies Book
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This is an updated version of
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The most comprehensive book on the subject but has not been updated for over twenty years
Duke Ellington:
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The most comprehensive book about any jazz musicians film career
Blacks in Black and White;
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Another comprehensive book about Armstrong from the author of above
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The Films of Artie Shaw Glen Miller Tony Pastor and Stan Kenton
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Monthly Film Bulletin (stop publishing in 1991)
Sight and Sound
Jazz Journal International
Various Film Festival brochures including London, Cork, Toronto, Denver
Jazzwise magazine has jazz on film write ups including the latest DVD's

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