Jazz on Fim Images

All images on this page are from the collection of Brian 'Joe' Spibey
They consist of UK 'Front of House' stills (FOH), US Lobby Cards (LC)
Stills (s ) and various international film posters (P) (see posters)

1. Jazz on a Summers Day (a)
Gerry Mulligan in one the very
best film about jazz (FOH). His quartet included Art Farmer (FOH)
2. A Song is Born (a)
This image features Benny Goodman. Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey and Charlie Barnet & Lionel Hampton (FOH)
3. The Connection
This still features the Freddie Redd Quartet with Jackie McLean on alto (FOH)
4. Jazz on a Summers Day (b)
Anita O'Day going through 'Sweet Georgia Brown' and 'Tea for Two' (FOH)
5. Sven Klangs Combo
One of the very best films
about the jazz life
6. Kings Go Forth
Tony Curtis sits in with the Red Norvo band with Richie Kamuca on the left. Pete Candoli ghosted for Curtis (FOH)
7. Jazz on a Summers Day (c)
Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden sing Rockin' Chair together
8. Bird
Forrest Whitaker as Charlie Parker in Clint Eastwood's bio-pic
9. Harlem Jazz Festival (a)
Lionel Hampton at the drums for a change, instead of his vibes
10. New Orleans (P)
A great example of Italian poster art with the Armstrong band featured
11. St Louis Blues (P)
Great cast but so, so film
12. Last of the Blue Devils (P)
A great film about Kansas City swing musicians with Count Basie and Jay McShann
13. Jazz on a Summers Day (d)
Chico Hamilton fronting his group in the classic film (FOH)
14. The Subterraneans
This still features Mulligan, Art Farmer and Dave Bailey
15. Pete Kelly's Blues
Jack Webb and Ella Fitzgerald in the 'jazz age' movie (FOH)
16. Paris Blues (P)
A great piece of poster art for a poor film. Louis Armstrong featured once again
17. Song is Born (s)
Danny Kay is rightly amazed at Mel Powell's piano playing
18. Birth of the Blues (s)
Jack Teagarden stands behind Bing Crosby in this poor movie
19. Harlem Jazz Festival (b)
Usual pose for Count Basie at the piano
20. Rat Race
Tony Curtis on the baritone but with Gerry Mulligan making the sounds
21. Stormy Weatrher
Italian photobusta 13"x19" with Lena Horne and Bill Robinson
22. Ah Quelle Equipe
Sidney Bechet made numerous films in Europe often playing a leading role
23. Blues
A striking image of Bechet in this Belgium poster
24. Woody Herman (P)
This American one sheet poster features a young Stan Getz and Shorty Rogers.
25. Anatomy of a Murder (LC)
This image features Duke Ellington with James Stewart and Lee Remick
26. Satchmo the Great (LC)
Armstrong in Africa with most of his All Stars behind him

27. Het Boy! Hey Girl! (LC)
Lois Prima on stage with his group


28. Round Midnight
Dextor Gordon on stage with Herbie Hancock, Pierre Michelot and Bobby Hutchinson
29. All Night Long (LC)
One of the few images of Dave Brubeck and Charlie Mingus playing together
30. Benny Goodman Story
This LC features the original Goodman Quartet but with Steve Allen as Benny
31.The Glenn Miller Story (P)
This Belgium poster features images of James Stewart and Glenn Miller
32. The Gene Krupa Story (P)
Known in the UK as 'Drum Crazy', this is a Belgium poster.
33. Music, and More Music (P)
A Belgium poster of one of the numerous films Lionel Hampton made in Europe
34 Jazz at Newport
French poster (63"x47") for 'Jazz on a Summers Day'
35. Lets Get lost (s)
The early Chet gets ready
36. Odds Against Tomorrow
Underrated film about robbery and racial hatred with a fine score by John Lewis
37. We From Jazz
A striking Polish poster for a Russian Film about the early days of jazz in the Soviet Union
38. All Night Long (P)
Poster for British version of Othello set in a jazz Club (see features)
39. I Want to Live (s)
Art Farmer, Gerry Mulligan and Bud Shank as they appear in this movies opening scenes
40. Paris Blues
Sidney Poitier looking cool but it was Ellington sideman Paul Gonsalves who provided the sax sound for him
41. A Great Day in Harlem
THe most famous photo in jazz
and a great film

42. Jazz Boat (LC)
A film made to cash in on the
' trad' boom of the fifties



Further images

These are not part of the above collection but will be of interest to Jazz on Film lovers.
If anyone has any of the following for sale, please contact

Click on images for a better view


The Nat King Cole Story (P)
One of the numerous shorts made for UI during the 40's and 50's and Directed by Will Cowan
(see shorts)
Jivin' in Be- Bop (P)
This one features the Gillespie big band with James Moody, Milt Jackson, John Lewis and Ray Brown

Syncopation (P)
This Swing movie features Benny Goodman, Harry James, Charlie Barnet Joe Venuti and Gene Krupa


Jazz on a Summers Day (P)
Wonderful Italian poster for Bert Stern's classic jazz film
Beware (P)
Louis jordan's first starring role in a feature length film. He went on to make a number of musical films in the forties
The Man with the Golden Arm (P)
Sinatra as a drummer with a bad habit. The film featured Shorty Rogers, Shelly Manne and all the usual West Coast jazzers
Lift to the scaffold.(P)
A fine French thriller with a wonderful improvised soundtrack by Miles Davis and the best of European jazzers
(P) Another of Will Cowan films for U.I. and one of the few film poster to feature an image of Billie Holiday. In fact if you know of another one email me
Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and Barney Bigard on th set of the film New Orleans See below for further Phil Stern images
The International Sweethearts of Rhythm (P)
The popular all female multi - racial big band of the forties. Two docus were made about them in the eighties (see Ato Z docus)
The Cool World (P)
This film has a score by Mal Waldron and featured Dizzy Gillespie, Yusef Lateef, Art Taylor and Aaron Bell
Finding Carlton
A film about the story of jazz in India

Pete Kelly's Blues (P)
Enjoyable piece of fiction with Ella Fitzgerald and a great sound track
Cabin in the Sky (P)
Great art for this all black cast movie. Features Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington
Sweet Smell of Success (P)
This movie featured the Chico Hamilton Quintet
New Orleans 1
more of Phil Stern's great images featuring Louis Armstrong and BillieHoliday
New Orleans 2
more of Phil Stern's great images featuring Louis Armstrong and BillieHoliday
New Orleans 3
more of Phil Stern's great images featuring Louis Armstrong and BillieHoliday


The Strip
Mickey Rooney plays a jazz drummer with Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden & Earl Hines

Young Man with a Horn
Harry James does the ghosting for Kirk Douglas with Hoagy Carmichael

New Orleans
The only feature film Billie Holiday appeared in. With Armstrong, Kid Ory, Artie Shaw, Barney Bigard

The Benny Goodman Story
Features the original quartet of Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa & Teddy Wilson
The Glen Miller Story
Featured are the Louis Armstrong All Stars with Barney Bigard, Trummy Young etc. Plus Gene Krupa
The Fabulous Dorseys
Usual bio film with a great night club scene featuring Art Tatum, Charlie Barnet, Ziggy Elman and Ray Bauduc
Glory Alley
Features Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden
Cotton Club
Set in the famous Harlem night club of the Twenties with Ellington's music transcribed by Bob Wilber

Sweet and Lowdown
Howard Alden ghosts for Sean Penn in this wonderful, thirties set fictional biography

Kansas City
This Altman film featured most of todays great jazzers (see features and Jazz 34)
The Subterraneans
Gerry Mulligan is feratured in this movie alongside Art Farmer
Round Midnight
Oscar nominated Dextor Gordon stars in this film about a US musician exiled in Paris

Paris Blues
Duke Ellington sideman Paul Gonsalves ghosts the sax for Sidney Poitier and Murray McEachern provided the trombone sound for Paul Newman
The Connection
Great soundtrack by the Freddie Redd Quartet with Jackie McLean who are on screen for most of the film

Hey Boy ! Hey Girl !
Light hearted musical featuring Louis Prima and Keely Smith who were very popular during the fifties
Lady Sings the Blues
Diana Ross as 'Lady Day' performing most of Billie Holiday's hits
High Society
Another appearance by Louis Armstrong and his All Stars including Trummy Young and Edmond Hall

Clint Eastwood's bio of Charlie Parker with a great sound track and performances by Forest Whitaker as Bird and Diane Venora as Chan Parker



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